Chat with bianca

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Chat with bianca

After that, her mother passed away and she was then forced to become the provider, as her father, ever the sick man, doesn't have much time to live either (something he keeps hidden from Bianca).

She then unlocks the gate keeping the Hero's ship at bay and helps him inside the cave, making their way trough monsters to find the ring.

After the herb-maker is found and the medicine is made and delivered, Pankraz escorts Bianca and her mother back to their home in Roundbeck, accompanied by the young Hero.

Pankraz is thinking of returning, but agrees to stay the night and catches a cold passed to him by Bianca's father, Whitey, and the party is unable to leave.

If she is picked to be his bride, she confesses that she had in fact, always loved him and is overjoyed to finally be able to go off with him adventuring. Briscoletti's blessing and he lets them use his ship, which they use to reach the queendom of Helmunaptra.

There, Queen Cleohatra mentions that she knew the tale of Pankraz and that the Hero is actually the Prince of Gotha, so they set out to find his lost home.

This quest is successful in the end and they are able to put the spirits in the tower to rest, for their efforts they are rewarded with a Golden Orb, which unbeknownst to them, would become more important than they could ever imagine.

When the duo returns to the town, word spreads of their adventure and as such, the bullies are forced to hand over the Cub, she then names the cat, then she confesses her parents wouldn't let her keep it so it gives it to the Hero also giving the cub a ribbon as a memento.

This time serves to harden Bianca a bit as she seems to miss her mother dearly, but nonetheless works hard everyday, returning home only at night so that she can provide for her father.

This goes to show that despite being a dreamer, Bianca is also very reliable and responsible, which is commented on by the people in the village of Stockenbarrel.

She is often sought after for her beauty as well, which is commented by both the men in Stockenbarrel and Mostroferrato.

Bianca is a very outspoken, adventurous and even a bit of a romantic.

As a wife, Bianca keeps much of her personality and remains supportive to the Hero's wishes of continuing his quest.

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