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Instead, seek out small-production, “grower” Champagnes; that is, Champagnes produced by winemakers who also own their vineyards.

The Juglar bottle was sold for 24,000 euros while the Veuve Clicquot champagne, dating back to approximately 1841, went for 30,000 euros, setting a new world record.

Though it was so incredibly old, there was a freshness about the wine.

It wasn’t at all stiff, but rather had a clear acidity backing up its sweetness.

The result is a deeply complex, spice-laden wine with incredible power and density.

Jacques Selosse “Substance” Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs, 0 Selosse is the darling of the avant-garde where Champagne is concerned.

The surplus from the auctions is used for the improvement of water quality in the Baltic Sea and for research in marine archaeology and naval history.

The Hotel Silverskär is running an initiative involving a cage of champagne on the seabed in Saltvik.

While he produces several cuvées at higher prices, “Beaux Regards” is a beautiful introduction to his style; lean, focused, and nuanced, with lemon blossom and saline minerality. Cedric Bouchard “Les Creux d’Enfer,” Rosé de Saignée, 0 About an hour-and-a-half drive south from “downtown” Champagne is a little subzone called the Aube.

Sourced primarily from a vineyard of Chardonnay planted by his grandfather in 1902, “Beaux Regards” connects past with present in a phenomenally delicate expression. Still technically part of the Champagne region, this unique little enclave is home to some of Champagne’s most unique and interesting producers.

If you must consume bivalves with your bubbles, this is the way to go. Among them is Cedric Bouchard, whose single-vineyard, single-variety wines have made him a cult favorite among wine pros.

1990 André Beaufort Grand Cru, 0 Think Champagne can’t age? This nearly 30-year-old wine is a testament to the power and longevity of wines from a region most people knock back on December 31 and forget about for the next 364 days. “Les Creux d’Enfer” is one of his most limited wines, a dry rosé Champagne made from just three rows of Pinot Noir grapes, hand-harvested and crushed by foot.

Sommelier Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan from Åland sampled the first bottle that was brought up from the wreck.

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