Caucasian chinese dating

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Caucasian chinese dating - online dating charleston sc

Even when I was able to get through to people that I AM CHINESE AMERICAN, it didn’t seem to matter.The fact that I was Asian and married to a white man was just an indication of the lack of “ethnic and cultural pride” in “today’s youth.” I was just excited to still be considered a “youth.” Now that we’re in Hong Kong, the notice of our interracial marriage is again mostly unremarkable.

When I told my husband later, he asked me, “Did they really call me a ‘pretty boy’? And who knows, maybe in a generation or two, “the children” won’t have to worry about who will or won’t accept them.

When I was in Shenzhen, I was dating an American guy.

He took me to the tallest building in Shenzhen, which is now the St Regis Hotel.

I didn’t need to rack my brains too severely to come up with a few good reasons: Lack of fashion sense. Chinese attitudes towards women can still be somewhat old fashioned, expecting us to abstain from drinking or smoking, and generally worrying too much about what delicate flowers we are. When was the last time you saw a Chinese guy kiss his girlfriend in public? I know not everyone is into PDAs but I’m a European, and I don’t care who’s watching.

It’s probably down to the limited media and lack of international shopping opportunities here, but those geometric polo shirts that are so popular with Chinese guys of all ages are just unforgivable. When will Chinese guys realize that they don’t have to grow their fingernails longer than Kim Kardashian to prove that they are not farmers? Even though I look Asian, I'm an American through and through, so yes, I'm a foreigner here in Guangzhou.

You see it all the time; foreign men of every color with Chinese girls.

Chinese girls throw themselves at Western men and even the ones that don't are very open to dating a Western man.While I believe it's all a matter of personal taste, as a Westerner, I have been attracted to many different races, but never Asian. Well here are a few of my thoughts to add to the ones listed above. I happen to be attracted to men over 6 feet tall (or 188 centimeters) even though I'm a shorty. Like shyness listed above, lack of self-confidence doesn't do anything for me but make me think we could be friends at best.It's a difficult feat to find a Chinese man that tall, at least here in the South. I'm turned on by a man who knows what he wants and goes for it, without being an arrogant douche bag.Chinese girls who date western guys are a common sight here in Guangzhou, but AMWF (Asian Male, Western Female) relationships seem to be a rarity.Rumors about inadequate manhood aside, what is stopping us western girls from hooking up with Asian men?But when you look around, how often do you see Asian men with white or foreign women?

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