Carbon 14 dating in wine

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Alicante Bouchet: A red wine grape, originally from Spain, used in France’s Burgundy region to add color to Burgundy blends when necessary.Also used in some central California table wines for the same purpose.

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Aging: Term describing the storing of wine under certain specific conditions for the purpose of improving the wine.

Wine production, like any modern product, is regulated by a variety of statutes, designed largely to protect the consumer but also the producer. Because these dictates vary considerably from country to country, only the basic concepts associated with Appellation Control laws are described, with their relevance to protection.

Details are provided for several major wine regions.

American Hybrids: Grape varieties which did not occur in nature but were produced in America by crossbreeding (usually crosses between one or more native American varieties and one or more European traditional wine varieties).

American Wine: The category name for any wine produced in any state from grapes grown in that state or from a combination of grapes grown in more than one state.

The wood is generally tighter-grained than oak from other regions.

Altus: A town in western Arkansas for which the state’s primary viticultural area takes its name.

The term is usually used to denote blended wines of nonspecific origin.

Ampelography: A book that describes the structural characteristics of various varieties of grape vines.

Ethyl alcohol adds a sweetish taste to wines, or a hotness if present in too high a concentration.

Conversely, if its alcohol content is too low, a wine may be thin, unbalanced and lacking in body.

As laws are effective only to the degree to which they are enforced and compliance can be verified, the methods by which wine provenance can be validated, and compliance with other statutes detected, are examined.

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