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Canadian mature terry web camera - Nude facetime chat anyone

I'd love to hear your opinions.petelobo: I very much appreciate your comments about why we should consider taking the plunge with Maleficarum even if it does not -- for some -- perfectly fit our tastes in Gimp.

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I'm in California -- just e-mail me at the address above.

OK, for me it's the apparent content, and if it wasn't that, then price.

I certainly hope it's a great movie for people interested in what the promo pics and trailers depict: old time era witch persecution and cruel things like BATS that happen to them.

The price is about what we paid for HOM videos back in the day (when the money went a hell of a lot further than it does now). When I see a professional effort like M (and many of the other RF works or the ZFX or the HOM or even sites that make the effort) take the chance and push the envelope in the direction I want to see, I'm buying.

And for those who don't like seeing "medieval" rags being torn off an actress but want...whatever they want, or don't like this kink so much or want more of that one, or who want someone else to tell them that the actress' skin blisters up and turns black when she is roasting or burning at the stake or that the whipmarks look right or don't and won't buy because the thing that was actually done doesn't come up to the standards of their own personal fantasy images... From the comments on the board, it sounds like there are many like me who will support first and critique later. I'd hate to think we end up like a bunch of old queens going to the best restaurant in town and bitching about how much tarragon is in the sauce.

Ulike Scribbler, I believe that those type of BDSM where lots rope tying, vibrator and machine forced orgasms and light whipping are portrayed are a sign of our time.

The actual pain, gore and suffering are not tolerated...looked at the use of our current death penalty practices as an example.Too much wood would cause the person to expire too quickly and as would too much clothing would bring flames too close to the mouth and instant death. I've seen lots of ZFX films that didn't come up to the standards of the best, and I admit I never supported Harmony glamour bondage or BATS or death fetish stuff.But now I read some of our group here, after all the pics and reports on M, after all the trailers, etc.Now if there were lots of groping, and boob squeezing, and lots of crotch groping, and penetration with phallic devices and forced sex, and some hard paddling (not light spanking, but hard spanking) and that was set in old time era, I might have my interest peaked.But I'd really rather it be put in a more current era, cause the clothes women wore back then blows compared to later era tight mini skirts, nylons/pantyhose, tube tops, boots or heels, etc. Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game!

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