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Same with Tom Daley, his relationship with DLB really takes a lot away from his attractiveness. - but I seriously doubt it, as both of 'em seem rather 'passive' to me ( you know what I mean! [quote]I think Nikola was more successful as a model. Because I emailed Jim this thread today, and he flattered and flabbergasted that you would place him in "The World's Top 10 Sexiest Gay Men". Michael Sam John W Shipp Dan Butler Colton Ford (I'm surprised no porn stars have been listed)Ricky Martin Thomas Roberts Matt Bomer TJ Knight PearlÁngel Something from Menudo Greg Louganis Steve Kmetko Steven Grand Steve Bartelstein1960's Richard Chamberlain Country singer who got caught in a park on meth Bear politician Out Soccer Player Hairy hung guy who cums a lot, who was Phillip Chancellor III on The Hung And The Breastless . Bruce Vilanche Andy Dick Nathan Lane Barney Frank Michael Musto Barry Manilow Santino Rice Little Richard Joel Grey Michael Kors Larry Kramer Chi Chi La Rue Karl Lagerfeld Barry Diller Stephen Sondheim Magic Johnson's son Lou Pearlmanr67, pretty much every gay porn star is now bisexual.

Blame the content producers for making life easier for straight actors and stories, but choose to roll in "FREE" gossip as entertainment, without going out to support gay products: movies, books, theater so as to increase their popularity that enables them to transfer "stardom" to movies and TV? They forget after being mocked and outed, there's NOWHERE for these performers to go - but down to the side or background.

This forest -- not the trees of simply outing people and blaming "handlers", which applies to young/naive performers that don't know how to navigate their fields, or haven't their own legs to stand on YET (whoop hence all the fraus of "beard club" fancy themselves saviors of "buying young whores out of their contracts" LOL) -- is EPITOMIZED by: STILL ZERO gay characters in Star Wars, Disney, Pixar event movies.

If even gay characters are liability in selling to all-age audiences including China, why are people only fixated on outing individual performers?

There has to be more from all the reality shows but I don't watch enough of them to compile a good list. I know some have, I think Zachary Quinto have spoken about homophobia in Hollywood, and DLB has been going back and forth on the whole issue. More people in the industry need to stand up again the bigotry, racism and homophobia in the industry.

R176, well, lots of gay/gossip hacks attempted to force people out, by swaying public opinion and calling certain actors unconvincing in straight roles.

Or experience what happens to women and blacks: no room for error, one flop or faux-pas and few second chances!

(TO BE CONTINUED)CONTINUED from R178, for R176: Here's your FOREST: the key is still job opportunities and glass ceilings.Even conflate the hard work of performance with "just another type of closet"...despite claiming they would buy a performer's work whether straight or not!Neurotic fraus end up reinforcing the status quo: ONLY straight actors do hard work, devote to their jobs, are believable onscreen, are "honest" (cos hey, it's THEIR culture and identities in the stories onscreen - that easily get written, funded, produced, cast!Max Emerson Luke Macfarlane Federico Díaz Chris Fawcett Ryan Young Jim Key Will Fennell David Pevsner I was going to add, Justin Clynes but nowhere has he said he is gay or even bi for that matter.Anderson Cooper Robert Gant Tom Ford Chris Salvatore Ricky Martin Sean Maher Jussie Smollett Charlie David George Michael Andrew Rannells Adam Lambert Wentworth Miller Kyan Douglas Sean Paul Lockhart that over 50 Univision soap actor Mike Doyle that bear politician that came out recently Chad Allen The Amazing Race's Chippendale couple Tuc Watkins Reichen Lehmkuhl & his TAR teammate Matt Dallas Don Lemon Scott Evans Thomas Roberts Billy Bean That Samoan football player Zachary Quinto Tab Hunter Marc Jacobs Cheyenne Jackson Bob Paris & his ex Rod Jackson Keith Hamilton Cobb5 months ago I would have said Jon Kortajarena, top of the list, but his recent relationship with Luke Evans and his weird drama attention seeking on IG, has really diminished he is sex appeal by over 90%. Recent rumor has it that hot out singer-songwriter Eli Lieb is dating equally hot out law student Reichen Lemkul - now there's two more Hot sexy candidates for ya! I agree Evan Parker, he also has a really sexy voice and one of the very few adult stars that is opnely gay and seemingly not at all an aspiring bisexual like every other man in that industry.[quote]Well obviously Chris is no longer Nikola Jovanovic? I think the new husband, while also an Eastern European, is more boyishly handsome, while Nikola can be justifiably described as 'beautiful'.[OP], [12], [59]; Are you referring to the Jim Key, who is the Marketing Director for the LA LGBT Center?(On producer-driven projects seeking funding and distributors: Ask yourself why didn't Carol and The Danish Girl end up casting out actors?

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    There are perks to being a player's wife, but you also make a lot of family sacrifices."Sambataro has not always had such grown-up concerns.

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    If you are not afraid to let in your life adventure and happiness - join me! more about Olga from Rovno I hope that I can catch your attention, dear Stranger. more about Irina from Kharkiv I am a real woman – very appealing, charming, feminine and affectionate.

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    'In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.' The president has defended his wife's former career in the past, saying nude photographs were 'very common' in the industry.

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    “[Younger men] don’t have the weight of the world [on their shoulders] yet.” But initially, Wipp held off on dating Sutherland because she was wary of the numbers on his driver’s license. I really had a mental struggle dating someone younger than me,” she says.