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Often it’s to do with their own background and whatever happened when they were raised.

But while the men were respectively found guilty of 14 and 13 counts, including rape, (Stadler was clearled of nine other charges bar the assault), Black was found guilty of 23 offences.

The judge sentencing him at the time, Mr Justice Royce, said: “You had many fawning fans. You knew you could use that power to induce young female fans to help satisfy your insatiable lust and take part in the sexual abuse of their own children.” Cortoni explains more about these kinds of female sex offenders: “They’ll do whatever he says in that context because they lose who they are.

Some believe it will bring them closer to their partner.

I think in terms of sexuality and preferences, women as a group tend to require more affiliation and closeness with their sexual partner.

When serial sexual offending occurs, it’s normally from deviant sexual arousal.

“We also find it frightening because we like to live with the idea that men are dangerous and women are safe, so when you see children to a male stranger in the park it’s dangerous but if they’re talking to a woman it isn’t.

“Female sex offenders challenge those notions, which is why a lot of people struggle to believe these things.” Yet women are paedophiles and child sex abusers.

It’s why she is now being labelled as the ‘mistress’ of the gang. Sadly paedophilia and sex abuse rings are rarely out of the headlines, but a female ringleader who has sexually abused children is more unusual.

Forensic psychologist Nina Burrowes says the gender of female abusers often accounts for some of our shock: “I do generally believe [women sexually abusing children] happens less often than men, but it happens a lot more often than you realise.

Tony Beech, criminological psychology professor at the University of Birmingham says that women don’t commit as many crimes as men but they might, very gradually, start catching up.

“Women seem to be more like men these days,” he explains, referencing a recent rise in drinking and violence.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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