Benefits of consolidating credit card debts

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Benefits of consolidating credit card debts - amish online dating

The interest savings on smaller amounts may not offset the higher closing costs of a HELOC. Converting credit card debt to a fixed-rate personal loan could improve your credit score because credit-utilization ratios don’t take installment-type loans into account.

You may be a good candidate for credit card debt consolidation if you’d benefit from transferring multiple balances from multiple cards to one, big loan (or card), hopefully with a lower rate.

“It’s helpful for people who are confident they can change their habits and want to focus on just one rate and payment.” The key here is changing your habits.

What you don’t want to do is consolidate your debt and then go right back to racking up high balances.

To illustrate: If you transfer ,000 from three different cards to a single card with a ,000 limit, and then close the three original card accounts, you’ll end up with a ,000 balance on the one new card.

This exceeds the recommended maximum of 30 percent of the credit limit, which in this case is ,000.

Because the line of credit is backed by collateral—your house—the interest rate tends to be lower. Secured loans such as these have lower rates than unsecured ones, like your credit card, because you’re putting up a house or car or something else of value.

With an unsecured loan, you’re only backed by your ability to make good on payments.One way is through debt consolidation: You combine your debts “under the same roof” with a better interest rate and one monthly payment.(Don’t confuse this with debt negotiation, which involves settling your balance with the lender.) “If you have numerous accounts with high minimum payments and interest rates, debt consolidation may be an answer,” says Kevin Gallegos, vice president of Phoenix operations for Freedom Financial Network.The lengthy repayment period, however, may rule out certain borrowers.“If you think you can pay off your debt within a year, it doesn’t make sense to get a personal loan,” Gallegos says.However, if you keep those original three accounts open—while ceasing to use them—you would have a ,000 balance on ,000 of available credit (assuming all accounts have ,000 limits).

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