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Elizabeth calls for help from the officer guarding her, but she finds him murdered as well.

Meanwhile, Jenni is lured to Elizabeth's house by the hacker, who pretends to be Elizabeth and abducts her when she arrives.

When she enlists Max to hack the account to see where it originated, he finds that it has been routed through countless proxies, and is untraceable.

Damien is abducted while chatting with Elizabeth, who has her back turned at the moment of his kidnapping and does not realize he is missing until she receives a bizarre call from his computer, showing his house completely empty.

Later, Elizabeth is prompted to chat with the stranger again; the stranger reveals that they witnessed Elizabeth having sex, and later their webcam turns on and reveals the account holder bound and gagged before being murdered by a masked man.

Elizabeth is shaken and immediately takes the video of the murder to the police, who acknowledge that it appears genuine but advise her that such snuff films are usually faked, and there is little they can do about it.

Elizabeth awakens in a room of a nightmarish, abandoned complex, chained to a wall with a Go Pro stapled to her forehead.

A computer is in the room, forcing her to chat with the abducted Damien, who informs her that there are many other attackers.Afterwards, another hooded man enters the room with Elizabeth, preparing to kill her, but she overpowers him and strangles him with her chain.Unlocking her shackles with his keys, she attempts to escape the dark complex, armed with a discarded hammer.The stranger reacts aggressively to Jenni when Elizabeth is away from the webcam, and Jenni logs off.Afterwards, Elizabeth's account is hacked, and her webcam is repeatedly turned on without her permission.She is also shown a recorded video of Max being strangled with plastic wrap by the killers.

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