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Enrique Iglesias is a pop music international star for a reason.And the reason is directly related to releasing albums like this one. Additionally, he has been wise enough to mix English and Spanish in the same album. The reason is because there is hardly a dull moment in this album.

I’d like to set the record straight today – here are five lies you’ve been told about kizomba, and the truth! The Latin dance community is truly global and very successful. The music we dance to, also called kizomba, comes from a long tradition of semba music that encountered influences from Caribbean zouk and new electronic sounds in the late ’70s and early ’80s. We’ve already established kizomba’s origins, so let me explain where this myth is coming from.By the time of its March 14 release, Enrique Iglesias had already released 5 singles of Sex and Love.“Loco” and “El Perdedor” (both songs in Spanish) reached #1 on the Billboard “Hot Latin Songs” chart. It climbed to #30 in “Pop songs” and #30 in “Dance/electronic songs” charts.This is a sort of Flamenco pop song that is very moving.Kizomba is a social dance that has really only begun to gain notice in the Caribbean in the last five years; most people had never heard of it before the Salsa Fiesta 2013. Most people encounter kizomba for the first time at a large salsa or bachata festival.There are Spanish ballads “El Perdedor”, Bachata song with bachata king Romeo Santos (“Loco”) and a bachata remix of “El Perdedor”, electro-pop with rap (“I’m a Freak”).

There are also songs of pop with great guest artists like reggueton star Yandel, India Martinez (in a pop version of “Loco”, Flo Rida (“There Goes My Baby”), Mexican great Marco Antonio Solis (“El Perdedor”), a Flamenco-pop with Gente D’ Zona (“Bailando”), and even Kylie Minoque (“Beautiful”).“El Perdedor” (featuring Marco Antonio Solis) was the 4th single released, and “I’m a Freak” (featuring Pitbull) was the 5th single.Again, the latter made it to the Top 10 in several European countries, and to #38 in the US “Top 40” chart.Needless to say, this is a very commercial album and is really designed to sell as much as possible.This is regardless of Enrique Iglesias talent to sing ballads or anything else.Beyond that, a newer generation of dancers, primarily based in Paris but with students all over the world, have taken inspiration from tango to add new vocabulary to their kizomba.

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