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Passport To Prana is available in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton and will launch in Winnipeg this August.This year, they have also launched Passport To Prana programs in the US cities including Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, New York and Dallas.

Surprisingly we had not problem getting it up for the girls. Halfway through, we changed condoms and swapped girls.Well I had tried couple of times so far at the same place. Usually in the evening times was when I used to get the girl to my room. Since this hotel lifts have access cards so you don't have a choice.The good thing in this hotel is the front desk is slightly away from the main entrance towards the left hand side while the lifts are in the right corner.Realized that pretty sophisticated acrobatics is involved in some of positions shown in porn films but we soon found a couple of positions that worked like she and me in a 69 while my friend slammed into her in doggy, and she in WOT on my friend while I got blown by her while standing.Won't bore you with the details but let's just say that apart from anal, everything was fair game.I’m one of the lucky ones who can say I followed my passion rather than doing what was expected.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that my co-workers are all talented, creative, funny and kind people who share my enthusiasm for the work we do.

We started out in Toronto five years ago and we expect to be operating in more than 20 cities by the end of the year.

I’m a lawyer-turned-yoga teacher and I play a business development role at Passport to Prana, which to me means dreaming big and not being afraid to stand traditional business practices on their head.

My friend had informed at the reception that his 2 friends would be coming.

I confidently walked over to the reception with PK and one of the hotel staff gave us lift access.

It was a night of excesses and clearly a case of being too greedy.

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