Atheist dating site

16-Mar-2020 10:41 by 3 Comments

Atheist dating site - dating flirt site in danmark

Even when I was single, I never used online dating services.I simply met people, face to face, by happenstance.

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The concept that grabbed my attention here is the the claim that is “unmatched in the industry”. I disagree with my wife about many things when it comes to religion.

As the social stigma surrounding atheism declines, more people are coming out of the atheist closet and admitting they don’t believe in a higher power.

With the rise of dating sites for atheists, there’s no reason for you to be alone.

Love is a mystery, and I suspect it won’t work out very well if people try to micromanage it.

It’s true that I don’t believe in the reality of any gods.

That said, there’s a particular sort of online dating service that is especially inscrutable to me: The atheist dating service.

There’s Atheist Dating Service, Freethinker Match, Atheist Personals… and there’s Atheist Passions, a web site that promises, “You have a better chance of finding Waldo on this site than you do of finding God!

But then, we also disagree about food, and hairstyles, and movies, and educational policy… Furthermore, while it is true that atheists as a category are rejected as potential marriage partners more than any other group in America, I reckon that, as individuals, atheists end up being just as attractive to potential partners as anyone else.

Are dating and marriage about agreeing with people’s opinions? It would be a shame, an a hypocrisy, for atheists to complain about Christians who reject the possibility of dating atheists, but then go off into dating services that are designed to help them reject the possibility of dating anyone but atheists themselves.

If the mere mention of God, Buddha or any other higher power currently in vogue bothers you or sets your blood to boiling, then you might want to mention that in your personal ad as well as look for those key words when looking at profiles.

If your reaction is more ‘to each their own’ and as long as they are not trying to convert you, you won’t try to convert them, then mention that as well.

Thank goodness, there are sites for you to find like-minded individuals, a group larger than you might be aware of. Around the world, the number of people eschewing religion is getting higher while the numbers of people who believe in a higher power are on the decline.