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In describing his passion for video games and the electronic sports scene, Husky stated, "Gaming has always been more than just a hobby for me.

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His ancestors are traced to families living in Nova Scotia, Canada; New Hampshire, and Massachusetts., born 03 February 1894 in De Witt, Clinton, Iowa; died July 1984 in Iowa City, Johnson, Iowa.

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The tournament was played in an entirely virtual environment over the server, and the games were later broadcast on You Tube.

The tournament was sponsored and cash prizes were awarded.

Later that year, Husky moved to Los Angeles to pursue a full-time job working at The Game Station.

To explain his view of why Star Craft is an exemplary video game for both casting and spectating, Husky stated, "Nearly every single person I have introduced competitive Star Craft to has completely fallen in love with it[...] The level of skill and mental precision required to play Star Craft 2 at the highest levels is completely mind blowing.[A good shoutcast] is really up to personal preference.Some people prefer a highly analytical and educational form of casting to improve their game, while others prefer a more casual or energetic feel.While his channel became popular among other Star Craft: Brood War commentators, he gained a meteoric rise when he decided to exclusively commentate on Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty matches with the game's beta release in February 2010.During the beta, Husky collaborated with fellow commentator and friend HD to host the HDH Invitational, a Star Craft II tournament consisting of 16 of the top professional Star Craft II gamers.To be able to use all parts of the Website properly the User must have an Internetcompatible computer, a webcam, broadband Internet connection and the latest versions( s) of the software that is required.