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Some say that Mahpeyker Sultan was responsible for his son's death.

Yet, her attire's belt dangled from the closet's door. Strangling of a Valide sultan with the help of a curtain string is one of the most sorrowful and disgraceful incidents in the Turkish history.

During her regentship, she used to talk with statesmen through a eunuch behind a latticed section.

She spent her fortune for charity works and won the heart of the public by helping the poor around her.

A clever and strong woman like her mother-in-law, Terhan Sultan was not willing to accept her attempt.

Mahpeyker Sultan always believed that establishing a good dialogue with army officers in chaotic times brings benefit.

It is entirely a subjective perspective to call her heartless and intriguer.

Living in chaotic periods, historical figures were always described with negative comments by the opposing circle.Mahpeyker lived a quiet and peaceful life and looked after her children.Following her 14-year marriage, she became a widow at the age of 28 and found herself in the midst of a political chaos.If there were any, her mistakes were exaggerated and an unfavorable Valide sultan image was created against her.The charity works she left behind show her real character.Following the death of Ottoman Sultan Mustafa I and Osman II, Mahpeyker Sultan's two sons – Murad and İbrahim ascended to the throne successively.

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