Arabic dating pasha ebrahim

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Arabic dating pasha ebrahim - reid scott dating

A clever and strong woman like her mother-in-law, Terhan Sultan was not willing to accept her attempt.

Along with the mosque embellished with the most magnificent tiles of 17th century from its dome to pulleys, Mahpeyker Sultan commissioned to build school, bath and public fountain.Upon his enthronement following his brother's death in 1640, Sultan İbrahim put her mother on the back burner more.However, she exerted effort to make her son have a child and sustain the continuity of the Ottoman dynasty. After an eight-year ruling, Sultan İbrahim was toppled and killed in both a military and bureaucratic coup.His mother and grandmother were all alive, which was a first in the Ottoman history.Mahpeyker Sultan wanted to act as a regent again by skipping the emperor's young and naïve mother Terhan Sultan.Sometimes she disguised herself to listen to locals' troubles during her public visits and paid the debts of some locals to avoid their imprisonment.

She distributed dowry to poor girls, helping them to get married and give a hand to people in emergency like those whose house got fire or boat was sunk.Some say that Mahpeyker Sultan was responsible for his son's death.In fact, she was aware of the pro-coup group's determinism and agreed on her son's withdrawal from throne in return for sparing his life. Sultan Mehmed IV, Sultan İbrahim's 7-year-old son, took the throne.Elegies were written after the loss of the "Valide-i şehide" (martyred mother).The life of Mahpeyker Sultan, who saw the reign of 6 Ottoman sultans, has been the subject of many fictional novels, plays and films and no other woman is known as much as her in Turkish history.She was 61 when she was killed and buried in the tomb of her beloved husband at the Sultanahmet Square.