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Reaching out for help can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never spoken to anyone about the abuse before.

There was a time in internet history, not too long ago, when it looked like realness might prevail.

“: Confidly bills itself as the kinder, gentler anonymous app.

Users are prompted to post their “worries,” and threaded message-board-style comments allow strangers to chime in with words of affirmation. Other users’ anonymous posts (called “waves”) appear on your screen and disappear seconds later; to comment, you drag one of several “stickers” onto a wave before it disappears.

The app also provides writing prompts, such as: “What are the biggest obstacles in your way right now? Users have photos, but not usernames or profiles connected to their real names.

” Posts tend to be interesting and earnest, and banality is refreshingly rare. You can follow other users, repost others’ posts, or indicate favorite posts, just like in Twitter.

Today, there are literally dozens of anonymous sharing apps that allow you to vent, confess, or share secrets with strangers while going incognito.

These apps are so popular, in fact, that it’s hard to keep track of them all.It’s like Yik Yak plus Foursquare and Instagram, with a dash of Reddit.Users can post photos anonymously, follow the posts coming from certain locations, and earn “sway” by posting messages that are upvoted a lot. Babbly is a new way to express yourself and discover what the world around you is thinking.That way, if there’s a hack on Cloaq’s servers, your secrets are still safe.Also, unlike on Secret or Whisper, Cloaq allows posts of any length — so you can get that four-page sob story off your chest. Users can anonymously post thoughts that are relevant to where they are — a college campus, a restaurant, a big concert.In an attempt to catalogue the emerging trend, I downloaded 25 different anonymous apps to my phone — every one I could find on the App Store — and tested each one.