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Her parents were well-educated and so Marjane read a lot.

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Before the revolution, there was a revolt against the king.

The Shah stayed in power until 1979 when he fled to escape the Islamic Revolution.

She says that since the Islamic revolution Iran has been associated with fundamentalism, fanaticism and terrorism, but she knows that this is far from the truth. She says that a country should not be judged by a few extremists. In the first we see her in 1980, 10 years old and suddenly being made to wear a veil.

He also interjects that there will be pedants–“and there are one or two who listen to NPR, I’m sure” who will write in to say it should be ‘no one knows any more.’ But the first thing they teach you at songwriting school is that alliteration trumps grammar.

And then he starts strumming “Sexuality “and says “Oh, I’ve just played that.” “No One Knows Nothing Anymore” is a nice folkie, very-Billy Bragg song–good melody and really good lyrics.

(One can only hope that advice is used for our current extremist assholes in charge. The Islamic Revolution had just taken place and everything changed.

All girls were forced to wear a veil–which they all hated.It’s an old favorite that is serious and funny as well (and very progressive for when it was written). Although he comments that the acoustics aren’t that great in this new building–there’s not much bounce back off the walls “for those of us who technically aren’t great singers.But for those of us who are buskers like myself, it’s not bad.” Introducing the final song, “No One Knows Nothing Anymore” he says he read an article on the BBC about a kid who proved that economics professors were wrong and the article commented that “the trouble with economics is that no one knows nothing anymore.” He says that had just written a song with that same name, so he’s with the zeitgeist.Persepolis is a memoir of a young girl growing up in Iran during the 70s and 80s.I appreciated the contextualizing introduction in which she explains the history of the country.In the meantime they talk about what his band should do in Washington.