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Long ago he had stopped considering her as his girlfriend.While the majority of her time she manned her position as maid, and donned the uniform that that station came with.

With every inward thrust of this giant slab of meat, she was taken over again and again by the internal explosions of ecstasy. After coming, he stopped for a breath, and Mary had thought it was over.If any of this is not your thing, I ask that you keep going.* This story will be his big return to the Company, and his vengeance wrought on the staff he had worked with.Though he had made sure to increase the sensitivity so as to always be sure to enjoy the act, and had programmed the nanites installed in his own brain to never lose the luster, nor enjoyment, of his perverted ways.Basically, he would never grow bored of sex itself.With each breath she took, the fabric was ever so slightly strained.

Mark knew that once he put plans into motion, he might not have a chance to play with his little slave sex doll, so he wanted to leave a parting gift.

By now, his stamina had been increased, as well as his libido, metabolism, and general regeneration of his body.

He had also implemented body modifications which had increased the size and girth of his previously 4 inch pencil dick, to a thick 10 inch ram rod of power and lust.

Master Controller Act 4 -- Administration *Disclaimer.

The full story will include a variety of fetishes mostly including mind control and non-consent, but also including enslavement, feminization, diaper punishment, cross dressing and gender bending.

Now, she was completely broken in, her sole purpose in life was the sweet nectar her Master provided her that gave her such an orgasm of stellar proportions.

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    He also took me to work with him on a number of occasions after he gave up main line driving.