Adult naught sex chat

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Adult naught sex chat

If any of this is not your thing, I ask that you keep going.* This story will be his big return to the Company, and his vengeance wrought on the staff he had worked with.

He had also implemented body modifications which had increased the size and girth of his previously 4 inch pencil dick, to a thick 10 inch ram rod of power and lust.The insertion of semen directly inside her had always been a stronger catalyst to eradicate the Need, and she was hard pressed to remember her own name at this point.But then, unexpectedly, she felt his member grow and stiffen within her again, and then started to feel the friction build up again, and once more what little sense she was able to gather during the breather had been eradicated. She didn't even fight it anymore and simply rode the waves.Now, she was completely broken in, her sole purpose in life was the sweet nectar her Master provided her that gave her such an orgasm of stellar proportions.Every day she served her Master with the utmost devotion, pining to earn her next fix.Then, he slowly moved to the side the small amount of fabric currently covering her entrance, and pushed in with fervor, and lubricated ease.

She gasped, and then screamed, as the waves of feeling poured over her body.

On this morning, Mark had gotten to her before she had woken up.

She lay in the bed clad in a comfortable gray cotton thong and tank top that hugged her augmented breasts snuggly.

Her hips had slimmed beautifully around her now perky ass.

She was quite the sight first thing in the morning. Over the past several days, he had greatly enjoyed his live in servant as well.

With each breath she took, the fabric was ever so slightly strained.

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