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If any of this is not your thing, I ask that you keep going.

Chapter 1 -- Back to the Office Everything had been put in place, he was ready for the Company's grand reopening.

By now, his stamina had been increased, as well as his libido, metabolism, and general regeneration of his body.

He had also implemented body modifications which had increased the size and girth of his previously 4 inch pencil dick, to a thick 10 inch ram rod of power and lust.

He had picked her up about a week ago, and after having accepted his innocent looking water bottle, was now his mindless servant.

He enjoyed being driven around by her, and would often have her chauffeur him in varying outfits, just to keep it interesting.

Her hands were both occupied with the kneading and pinching of her enhanced breasts, and her mouth was frozen in a permanent "O" of pleasure. When he left her she was trembling and quaking, her eyes unfocused, and drool pudding on her arm and on the bed.

Her tank top had been soaked in sweat, and her hair had matted to her head and face.Though he had made sure to increase the sensitivity so as to always be sure to enjoy the act, and had programmed the nanites installed in his own brain to never lose the luster, nor enjoyment, of his perverted ways.Basically, he would never grow bored of sex itself.As he woke up that morning, Crystal resting next to him in a beautifully sleek and short nightie.Her breasts had come in nicely, firm and large, and defying gravity.Long ago he had stopped considering her as his girlfriend.