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The vast majority was Presbyterian Scotch-Irish [2] relocating from Pennsylvania at the end of the seven year French and Indian War, through a five-hundred mile corridor along the Appalachian mountains.

(John Lawson, A New Voyage to Carolina, edited by Hugh Talmadge Tefler, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press, 1967; Robert W.

330.) In 1772 a newspaper advertisement reported a runaway African slave named Jack who was “said to speak the Scotch-Irish dialect.” (Virginia Gazette, October 22, 1772.) In an affidavit recorded on March 15, 1689/90 in the Somerset County Court, Maryland records in a hearing to bring charges against Matthew Scarbrough is this reference: “I William Pattent was at worke at James Minders and one night as I was at worke Mr Matt: Scarbrough came into the house of sd Minders and sett down by me as I was at work, the sd Minder askt him if he came afoot, he made answer again and sd he did, saying that man, meaning me, calling me Rogue makes me goe afoot, also makes it his business to goe from house to house to ruinate me, my Wife and Children for ever. (At which Scarbrough said) You Scotch Irish dogg it was you, with that he gave me a blow on the face saying it was no more sin to kill me then to kill a dogg, or any Scotch Irish dogg, giving me another blow in the face. Although the second, third, and fourth generation Scotch-Irish immigrating to America often thought of themselves as Irish rather than Scottish (James G. Since at least 1725, hardly any Native Americans had resided in this Alamance region.

now saying goe to yr god that Rogue and have a warrant for me and I will answer it. Leyburn, The Scotch-Irish: A Social History, supra, pp. 24.) They made up the largest European ethnic minority in America by 1776. Only the wind whistled in vacant villages and shook the buds of wildflowers in meadows where corn, beans, and squash had once grown.

10.) Only about 4,000 Scotch-Irish had emigrated from Northern Ireland to America between 17. By the time of the revolution, 100,000 had relocated to America. The tribe gave its name to the Haw or Saxapahaw River.

Most of their villages had been built alongside streams and rivers.

The Great Wagon Road (originally a buffalo trail) was used by most Scotch-Irish migrating from Pennsylvania through the Shenandoah Valley, between the Allegheny Mountains to the west and the Blue Ridge mountains to the east, into North Carolina. Chiswell (Chissel), where roads converged from Philadelphia and Richmond.

(Parke Rouse, The Great Wagon Road, New York, Mc Graw-Hill, 1973.) The Cumberland Gap was discovered in 1750 by Dr. In 1796, the road through the Cumberland Gap was renamed the Wilderness Road, when it was widened to allow passage of the Conestoga Wagon.The tribe abandoned a region where there were so many buffalo that three or four men with their dogs could kill from 10 to 20 in a day. Rights, “Traces of the Indians in Piedmont North Carolina,” North Carolina Historical Review 1 (July 1924): 277-288.) Deer were so plentiful that a rifleman with a little powder could easily kill 4 or 5 in a day.A common hunter could kill in the autumnal seasons as many bears as would make from 2000 to 3000 weight of bear bacon.Others whose suggestions are much appreciated and deserving of a pat on the back, a high five, and gold star in their permanent record include John Caldwell (California), founder of webpage, Tom Caldwell (Australia), David Caldwell (Manitoba), Gwen Caldwell Quickel (Texas), Plunkett Caldwell (Ireland), Brian Caldwell (Scotland), Barbara Randolph (Kansas), and Marilyn Janda (Alabama), editor, Caldwell Family Newsletter. They raised fat pigs and lean children, harvested crops and hunted game, girdled trees and guzzled corn liquor. Caldwell was recognized as one of the south’s foremost educators. 399.) Almost all of the Presbyterian ministers in the south until then were graduates of or had taught at his Log College.These salvation seekers split Sundays between scripture, sermons, sedition, and socializing. David Caldwell became a leader of the anti-federalist Republican Party in North Carolina and was among the first to speak at a North Carolina convention in 1788 to determine whether North Carolina would vote to adopt the Federal Constitution that lacked a Bill of Rights that his fellow backcountry Piedmont farmers and he were determined to have. Historian Burton Alva Konkle, 1861-1944, said that Caldwell “was one of the greatest natural teachers that America has ever produced,” and that his school was “a veritable ‘seminary’ to the whole South.” (Burton Alva Konkle, John Motley Morehead and the Development of North Carolina, 1796-1866, Spartanburg, S. Graduates of the Log College included five future governors of southern states, numerous U. senators and congressmen, physicians, lawyers, and over 50 ministers. Among those who graduated from or taught at the Log College were the ministers that initiated the Second Great Awakening, beginning with revivals in 1791 in Guilford County, North Carolina, then 1801 at Logan County, Kentucky and 1802 at Cane Ridge, Tennessee.Ahlstrom, A Religious History of the American People, New Haven: Yale University Press, 1972, pp. David Caldwell’s farm, with his own slaves feeding the runaways.

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