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Though lynching victims are mostly young Black men, a census worker whose death got national attention in what appeared to be a lynching by someone hostile to the Federal government.

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Where we purchased a house years before we divorced.

It may just be pure coincidence but the two assailants in the Henry Fordham case, John and Mike drove a white pickup truck) Johnny Lorenzo Clark, Delaware, 2012 (A local barber) Two lynchings of unidentified young black men, Cincinnati, OH, 2012 Kody Ingham, Texas, 2013 (His mother is white and does not want to believe it is a lynching) Lennon Lee Lacy, Bladensboro, NC (He was found hanged with shoes two sizes too small).

There is a book that has been recently published about lynching in this country from 1870-1950.

(Wikipedia) For the past two of three years I have been calling awareness to the plight of lynching.

Through an online event called, International Lynching Awareness Day Lynching which has until recent the tragic death of the young teenager 17-year-old Lennon Lee Lacy of Bladenboro (Bladen County) two counties south east of Goldsboro (Wayne County) here in NC, has not been in the national consciousness despite cases in the early 2000’s which have actually received national attention. 24, 2009, when I received a call at exactly am from my first ex-wife telling me that our oldest son, Jibril was dead.

Also google “Delaware lynchinegs” or either of the cases just mentioned.

Two more lynchings were reported of two young black men in Cincinnati, OH in 2012.

In October there was an attempted lynching in the same park but this time the victim Henry Fordham got away.

He was able to fully describe the devils who tried to lynch him. The fact that they were driving a white pickup truck.

In 2013, Kory Ingham, 18, was found hung in Athens, TX.

Kody who has a white mother was dating a white girl.

Some of the known victims of lynchings (as far as I know) 1985-2015: Andre Jones, 18, Mississippi, 1993 (In a jail for a speeding ticket.