Adult date boards

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Your Internet, online, and email activities can be easily traced.

Pre-sentence, pre-probation, youthful offender and other investigations and reports are provided to the sentencing courts throughout the state.

Thank you for visiting the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ web site.

We hope that the information contained here will answer any questions you may have regarding the agency and the Board’s role in the criminal justice system of the State of Alabama.

Members work independently to meet goals throughout each month and prepare for a monthly meeting during which all members will share what they’ve been working on, brainstorm future projects together, and learn more about the inner workings of nonprofits like AWP.

This is a great leadership opportunity, and despite the seriousness of this topic, a fun way to work together with teens across Bucks County!

Early - Testamurs and Diplomates will take or have passed the recertification examination in their 9th year surrounding their 10-year anniversary date.

On Time – Testamurs and Diplomates will take or have passed the recertification examination in their 10th year surrounding their 10-year anniversary date.Indefinite – Testamur status is valid indefinitely.The Board's objective is to protect the public through the regulation of Adult Care Home Administrators.A new chairperson of the board is elected each year at the first scheduled meeting of the fiscal year. The elected chairperson takes office effective July 1. Reviews are published on this website as they are completed.

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