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Adult date boards - kenyadating org

For more information or to sign up for YAAB, contact Education and Outreach Manager, Jen Hinds at 215.343.9241 x117 or [email protected] - An individual who has successfully passed ASCe XAM, PTEe XAM, Re ASCE, or Re PTE examination and has chosen not to apply for certification.

The NBE allows individuals an extra year after their 10-year anniversary date to take recertification examination before certification status has lapsed.A new chairperson of the board is elected each year at the first scheduled meeting of the fiscal year. The elected chairperson takes office effective July 1. Thank you for visiting the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ web site.We hope that the information contained here will answer any questions you may have regarding the agency and the Board’s role in the criminal justice system of the State of Alabama.Through its program, the Board examines persons seeking to be licensed as Adult Care Home Administrators; establishes standards for the practice of adult care home administration; and requires adherence to those standards.

As such, its activities consist of regulation, examination and administration.

The links above will take you to various documents and other pieces of information which may answer your questions, or will provide you with information concerning whom you may contact to answer your specific questions or take your comments.

We are committed to providing quality adult probation and parole services for the State of Alabama.

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The agency has sixty-one field offices positioned and staffed to provide these services to the courts, and supervision for those offenders placed on parole by the Board or probation by the courts.