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It found these groups were working in an ad-hoc and uncoordinated fashion.

“We're taking activities and techniques that have been developed at the community level and bringing them up to scale, using both the Internet and linkages with the mass media.” As the network has continued to grow and mature, it has become the standard for similar efforts globally, Bodiroza said.

According to surveys carried out in the region, fewer than half of all teenagers were using condoms when having sex with casual partners; among injecting drug users the figure was only 20 per cent.

Since then, HIV has infiltrated the general population in many countries, hitting hardest among young people.

Before Y-PEER was launched, an extensive needs assessment of ongoing efforts was carried out.

This provided a detailed inventory of 185 peer education initiatives in the region (most were started by NGOs) and identified technical support needs.

Moreover, their projects were constrained by a lack of consistent funding and were not carefully monitored or evaluated.

The establishment of Y-PEER meant that economies of scale could be brought to the task through the creation of national networks and the standardization of training materials.A training guide has been developed to facilitate the effort.— Don Hinrichsen and Janet Jensen Implementing Comprehensive HIV and STI Programmes with Men Who Have Sex with Men This document is a tool containing practical advice on implementing HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) programmes with men who have sex with men.And often, as one peer educator put it, “in this time of information and modern living, young people may know more about these issues than their parents.” But providing young people with the proper training, the skills, guidance, incentives and the feedback they need to actually be effective peer educators proves to be a huge task.Y-PEER was launched to bring standards of excellence and shared expertise and resources to the many disparate efforts that were already on the ground.The approach makes sense: Young people are deeply influenced by their peers.