A sedating effect

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The procedure for sedation is usually explained to the patient by an attending clinician.An IV access line is set in place for fluid replacement and injection of medications.

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For outpatient surgery there are two types of sedation, conscious and unconscious sedation.

In patients with preexisting lung and/or heart disease, these medications should be monitored closely or not prescribed.

The future of anesthetic care involves the simultaneous administration of several drugs including IV medications and inhaled anesthetics.

It is thought that sleeping with both delta and alpha activity in the brain leads to disrupted sleep because the alpha activity disrupts the restorative effect of the delta activity.

In fact, in prior research studies, delta-alpha activity has been linked to drowsiness during the day, headaches and irritability.

According to Harvard Health, alcohol has a sedative effect — so it will make you drowsy.

However, several hours after imbibing in a cocktail, the alcohol causes an increase in the body’s level of epinephrine.The process of sedation has two primary intentions.First, sedation is recommended to allow patients the ability to tolerate unpleasant diagnostic or surgical procedures and to relieve anxiety and discomfort.Use of alcohol to promote sleep can lead to insomnia and alcohol independence.In fact, according to sleep specialist Michael Breus, regular use of alcohol as a sleep aid can lead to a greater chance of sleep walking, sleep talking and memory problems.A history is usually taken to assess risk and choice of medication.