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I've, ah, encountered screenshots from Sona Hana Bira before I think. ) VN available on Impulse that I've completely forgotten the name of called Shira Oka ( and which I've never played before and keep meaning to get around to doing so. I preferred planetarian out of the Key games I've played, but that's less of a dating sim/visual novel and more of a kinetic novel and oh jeez now I sound like a horrendous nerd/hipster. I find Key games to be manipulative tragedy porn but can't argue they don't work for people who like the mix of cute and tragic.

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The new Finalist/Qualifier may continue on to earn more points based on his/her placement in the Finals.003.04 The NBRC Vice-President shall be responsible for supervising and conducting the Master Flier Program, but has the option to delegate the administration of updating and inputting the point system data to another individual.003.05 A computer data base program shall be maintained for the purpose of updating, posting and preserving the data of the Master Flier Program.

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Als u op zoek bent naar een prachtige dame voor een avond gevuld met plezier, fascinatie en avontuur, dan bent u op de juiste plek terecht gekomen.