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1/13/2009 New Adam Franklin release named and dated Swervedriver Remasters US Deal Adam Franklin’s solo record “Spent Bullets” is slated for March 31st (cover below) Second Motion Records is putting that one out and Hi-Speed Soul is doing the Vinyl. A reception will be held on Thursday, April 27th from 6 p.m. This is Christy Bush’s first solo exhibit at Bespoke Gallery.Second Motion Records will have preorders up for by Feb 15th and anyone buying that off my their will get the digital files and booklets for the record, Hi-Speed Soul is doing the same with the vinyl. In Soundtrack to Nothing, Christy Bush’s photographs document contemporary teenage music fans attending rock concerts (Interpol, The Others, Elefant and The Secret Machines) in various cities across the United States, Europe and Australia.

Full dates are yet to be confirmed but we do know it will start June 10th in San Diego and finish up around July 11th. There is also a download-only release planned in late Spring or early summer of the Jamnow radio session. The album will feature the recent Syd's Eyes single and Birdsong (Moonshiner Version), which were previously only available as Black Mountain seven inch and Shifty Disco download-only release respectively, as those tracks should be made more widely available.

now, he makes sense of my melodies, and turns our ideas into a beautiful din. and a bit sick from my own sap." "Hi all As I'm just about about to drive off to Holland for the latest leg of Sophia shows I thought it was time for a general update, just in case you all thought I'd fallen asleep or something.

"i would have killed just to bang a can for adam franklin.

It comes out March 31st and promises to be very strong. I've also contributed some guitars and vocals for this project.

Adam's cyber team has put up a new site at / that deserves to be visited. You can stream a track from each of his releases dating back to the pre Swervedriver Shake Appeal days. And hey, why not also check out Rol Jui at featuring Locksley Taylor from Sianspheric and Dean Williams who of course played on/recorded Bolts of Melody. And lastly, Sophia plays Holland and Belgium next week and will be touring Scandinavia and Italy in April/May and is sounding pretty rocking - Will, Jeff and Robin made up the rest of Toshack Highway when we toured the Orange Album in Europe in 2000 and the band has aged like a fine wine! So come and check out the band if we're close by at all and have some More Wine...( cheers Adam" ---------------------------------------- Link buffet: myspace We are extremely proud to announce the first signing to the label! Adam Franklin, singer/guitarist/songwriter for UK shoegazer legends Swervedriver!! 12/11/2006 - Rider by Jez is finally out: We are having another contest for a couple of autographed copies of the book and *maybe* more.

The album is due to be released March 31st and you can pre-order limited edition vinyl now. This recording is played back by rotating the disc at a constant rotational speed with a stylus (needle) placed in the groove, converting the vibrations of the stylus into an electric signal, and sending this signal through an amplifier to loudspeakers.

With the pre-order you get future access to digital copies of the tracks so you can't lose. This 7" single will be available after the above dates through the Toshack site.

4/2/2007 - Interpol's Sam Swervedriver's Adam = Setting Suns Getting to kick out some jams with your idols is any young musician's dream come true, and for a young musician named Sam Fogarino from a young band called Interpol, that dream recently exploded into reality.

The album will be available on import only in all other territories and will be available on i Tunes worldwide.

“Seize the Day” thrashes around like The Posies and Teenage Fanclub never went out of fashion; “Song of Solomon” is a charming tribute to Elliott Smith, and “Sundown” sounds more like the Lemonheads than the Lemonheads do these days.

The vocals certainly sound more weathered, and the effects rack has most likely been trimmed down a little from his Swervedriver days, but these two immediate standouts are unmistakably the sound of man enjoying his music." READ FULL REVIEW HERE ", Franklin's first proper solo album, more or less begins where we left off, albeit with the volume turned down a little.

Adam has been busy adding new tracks to his myspace as well so check it out now: Lastly the US release of remastered versions of Swervedriver's Raise and Mezcal Head are selling right now. 6/20/2006 - new songs up on toshack highway myspace "A Wolf Parade cover, that Jimi Hendrix cover of a cover, new Seize The Day from forthcoming album plus LSD 'baroque version' from Birdsong downloads EP on Shifty Disco." 4/20/2006 - Adam Collaborates in music for a Photography Project BESPOKE GALLERY 547 West 27th Street Sixth Floor New York, New York 10001 to Nothing by Christy Bush April 27th – May 27th, 2006 Reception for the artist: Thursday, April 27th, 2006 from - p.m.

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