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But her mum is worried about her kids being taken into care.' One of his friends said: 'They are a very quiet couple. She might act a bit older than she is, but with already having one kid to bring up that's because she has no choice.' Yesterday the girl's mother would not discuss the situation.

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James Gray, the owner of Spindle Farm, was sentenced to six months in prison, plus an additional two months for later not appearing in court.'Nobody really blames the girl or social workers - they are at the house almost every week and they seem to be doing the best they can for her,' she said.'It's her mother that everyone resents, and people are shunning her on the streets.The charity is now remembering the 10th anniversary of the landmark rescue and celebrating the survivors with a special series of activities and events throughout 2018.Lynn Cutress, Redwings’ chief executive, said: “Amersham was a momentous rescue that not only left a mark on Redwings, but the wider public too.'The mother has encouraged the relationship with the boy and there is a lot of ill-feeling.

'It looks as though she will have to move to another area because of the animosity towards her.

He was convicted of having unlawful sexual intercourse and jailed for seven years at Sheffield Crown Court, but the sentence was halved on appeal.

The girl did not realise she was pregnant until she started giving birth on the lavatory of her family home.

The young father-to-be is believed to have been questioned by social workers and police, but not to have been arrested.

He said of the pregnancy: 'I'm not bothered about it, it happened.

The family had to be rehoused because of the ensuing publicity and she later claimed she had been raped by the man.

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