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You may initiate a live chat yourself at any time from or a technical consultant from the 24/7 may recommend a chat during a phone consultation and send you an email with an invitation link.Remote Assistance Bomgar is the screen-sharing software used by the 24/7 support staff to connect to your computer remotely.

When adding new Operators to your Net Support 24-7 company account, you can identify which languages your operator is able to communicate in.

When that Operator is subsequently active within Net Support 24-7 those identified languages are then listed as available at the point a new customer requests a chat from the Net Support 24-7 chat button.

Some applications allow you to simply select a language version, such as English or French and this is presented to all potential visitors.

If you prefer, the center’s technical consultants can even set up a remote connection to see exactly what you see on your computer, allowing them to work directly on it.

Remote assistance allows 24/7 support staff to help you from their desks wherever you are (as long as you can connect to the Internet), provides a secure connection between your computer and the computer being used to help you, and saves you the inconvenience of coming to the center.

The entire customer experience, from requesting a chat session to ending a chat and leaving feedback is fully localised.

To allow client support for more than 30 languages , localisation within Net Support 24-7 is limited to the customer facing views.

When a customer needs technical support, for any tool to operate a client (software footprint at the target PC) needs to be installed.

Typically with Remote Control software packages this is installed in advance.

If the Operator is unable to resolve the users problems, he can launch a dynamic client on their PC or MAC.

This dynamic client is extremely small and makes absolutely "no" changes to their system configuration.

With an Internet connection, Bomgar can reach you whether you are across campus or around the world.

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