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Sometimes a friend just needs to cry and vent, no advice wanted.

I think cards should focus on the person— the connection to that person, your friendship, not what types of religious comfort or explanation the writer endorses. It’s one of my favorite things anyone has ever done for me. Another friend, Nichole, took photographs that people sent her, combined them with poems and sayings and turned them into a photo book for me.

If it were as easy to defeat cancer as mindset, people would not die of it by the thousands every day.

Similarly, comments about appearance while rampant, can strike the wrong chord.

She tells the story of her mother and her mother’s friend Patty who was dying of cancer. Rather than gratefully accepting it, Julie’s mom insisted Patty would wear it again, that she would get better. Years later when recounting the story with regret, Julie’s mom said, “She knew she was dying.

It probably would’ve been comforting to her for me to acknowledge that…

They’re fine now.” (Okay, but some people are not fine… So while you might think it’s supportive (in your mind you’re saying, “See, I’m being supportive and reassuring her that it might not be as bad as she thinks”) what that person may reasonably hear is, “Wow, if you have to take time off work you are weak, or at least not as strong as my coworker was.” What would be something better to say to a coworker? I’ll ask again to make sure you’re getting the help you might need.” Asking “Has this been a good week or bad week for you?

How about “Please tell me how I can help you during this time. ” seems like a good bet to ask someone you might not be best friends with.I was just afraid that she had some small glimmer of hope.I just didn’t know.” I would bet that if that same scenario happened again, Julie’s mom would act differently. When I’m having a bad day there is something about pulling out a card, seeing handwriting, reading a message.Finally, I always love my mother’s suggestion for one of the best questions you can ask in any situation whether it be posed to a friend, a spouse, a child, a coworker.When someone comes to you with a complaint, a problem, or a rant asking the simple question, is a wonderful way to be supportive. I hope you all have a good weekend, we are starting to feel Spring here and boy, does it feel good!This is what I mean by not needing to have had the same experience to be a good friend. It’s free, and all you have to do is offer (and follow through).