2 shot dating

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2 shot dating

Therefore to trade cost-efficiently the Vikings should be spread out to reduce the splash damage.

Apart from scouting, small numbers of Vikings can be used to kill off Overlords to deny map control.

A notable trick to use when having a number of Vikings is to gather them all at once to one location, which will make them stack onto each other.

This will make focus firing much easier and can sometimes confuse an opposing player by making it difficult for them to determine the Viking count.

Since Overlords are armored, Vikings get an extra attack bonus while sniping Overlords.

Vikings aren't too cost effective against Mutalisks, but when protected with turrets, thors and/or ravens, they can be used as a deterrent against Mutalisk harass, due to their long range.

Thors can be used to keep Vikings at bay, but as Thors deal low damage against non-light air units, they don't kill Vikings very easily.

Battlecruisers can be a viable option in the late game, but as Vikings have longer range, are cheaper and faster to build, Battlecruisers (especially without Yamato Cannon) do not trade against them cost-effectively.

Vikings are mainly useful for infantry support, as they can take out Colossi from a long range.

They can also be used to deter Protoss air units, as Vikings out-range Void Rays and Phoenixes.

The Viking is considered an aerial unit during the full three seconds of transformation.

This makes it quite good at hit and run tactics against ground units that can't hit air, as the Viking can liftoff as soon as they are in danger.

Assuming no upgrades, Vikings deal 10 ( 4 armored) x2 damage per attack to air.

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