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The same cannot be said about fighting against air units that can't hit ground, as the Vikings will get pelted while they are trying to land.Because of this, it is actually very dangerous to keep your Vikings on the ground when the opponent has mobile anti-air units: If the opponent flies in his units, your Vikings will either have to stay on the ground, vulnerable to land units, or liftoff, taking a beating during the transformation.

Vikings are produced from a Starport (with or without a reactor) and are generally produced in a set number as opposed to continuous production, in order to cost-effectively eliminate enemy air units without overspending resources which could be spent elsewhere.

A notable trick to use when having a number of Vikings is to gather them all at once to one location, which will make them stack onto each other.

This will make focus firing much easier and can sometimes confuse an opposing player by making it difficult for them to determine the Viking count.

In the late-game, Vikings are very effective against Corruptors and a hard counter to Brood Lords.

However when Brood Lords are supported by Corruptors and Infestors care must be taken because exposed Vikings can be caught by Fungal Growth.

Therefore to trade cost-efficiently the Vikings should be spread out to reduce the splash damage.

Additionally, Kiting helps to fight Corruptors due to the Viking's superior range.

With a range of 9 in fighter mode, Vikings greatly benefit from proper micromanagement; taking minimal fire from enemy air units while dealing damage or forcing a retreat/relinquishing air superiority.

However the assault mode has not seen much use in the current state of the game due to its relatively lackluster damage for their cost.

Vikings can play both harassing and support roles in Tv Z.

Apart from scouting, small numbers of Vikings can be used to kill off Overlords to deny map control.

Assuming no upgrades, Vikings deal 10 ( 4 armored) x2 damage per attack to air.