17 rules of celestial dating

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17 rules of celestial dating

The unexpected elevated temperature in Titan's clouds has been explained as due to a temperature inversion, suggesting that the heat is generated by a greenhouse effect.

Additionally, two charging mechanisms are identified, both of which produce a net negative charge on the comet nucleus.As the data arrived from around the solar system, the author witnessed repeated efforts within the space science community (primarily NASA) to ignore the importance of electrical phenomena.If the data did not fit into the established theoretical picture, after-the-fact theories were contrived to force-fit the data, or the data were simply not dealt with at all.This would require a selective curvature in the solar wind or other such containment mechanism in the IBCM; however, it has been shown that neither solar wind nor solar radiation can provide such a containment mechanism. He was threatened with loss of his telescope time by astronomers who disagreed. This is supported by the fact that only Jupiter spins about an axis parallel to the axis of the Sun. Concerning the paper "Saturn's Sweeper Moons Predicted", it is now apparent from Voyager I and II data that the moons were not verified as predicted; however, the general concept of fusion in Saturn's atmosphere ignited by lightning (and the predicted side effects such as the rotating spokes) has been verified. This also aids in the electrical breakdown of the capacitor, initiating the discharge between Sun and nebular ion cloud which is observable as the comet tail and, occasionally, the sunward spike. The detectable remnants of a nova (identified as numerous point radio sources around the central nova star) indicate that large pieces of the solid stellar core remain in the vicinity of the explosion are that the stellar core is not one of collapsed hydrogen, but is a solid planetary type core since all the celestial bodies are initially formed in the same way, and that the heavy isotopes - detected spectroscopically after a nova - come from this core; they are not generated in the explosion as previously thought.The IBCM is only valid for the region of space well within the orbit of Jupiter. (Section IV of this paper discusses this in light of the newly proposed induced electric dipole red shift. Unfortunately, NASA scientists continue to maintain that all observed effects are "magnetic" in nature. It is explained later in this paper that circularization of orbit is a by-product of the drag the comet tail exerts on the comet nucleus. From momentum considerations comes the result: the smaller the fragment , the greater the ejection velocity with the largest pieces remaining in the vicinity of the explosion.Observed anti-tails (sunward fan-shaped tails) have been explained as due to the rotating ice ball interacting with the solar wind. Boroson and Oke of California Institute of Technology). Arp's observations that quanta are not objects at the "edge of the universe " (as proposed by those who use the Red Shift and Hubble constant as a measure of astronomical distance). It is now known that the second charging process depends on the comet nucleus crossing the surfaces of equipotential. These include the origin of comet nuclei and the reason for the observed "families" of comets arriving from many specific directions in space, comet wandering, sunward spikes, sunward fan tails, occasional separation of the tail from the nucleus, comet splitting, the cause of Type I, II, and III tails, the spiraling of tail material, the stratification in some tails, multiple tails, the shrinking of the coma as the comet approaches the Sun, and the maintenance of meteoroid streams.

The curved Type II tails as observed in Donati's comet and comet West follow the comet in its orbit. This is radically different from the density wave model's expectation that clouds of galactic dimensions should encounter another galaxy to force the formation of the density wave. Arp has observed "strings" which visibly connect quanta to galaxies, indicating that the Red-Shift-Hubble concept (ie., the Big Bang) is erroneous. 19,1979) and March, 1983 issue of Sky and Telescope.) 40. As the comet nucleus crosses the equipotential surfaces, it must continually adopt the potential of space that it enters. In relating the above to the formation of planets, moons and asteroids, the theory must also explain the internal heat and radioactivity of the planets, the orientation of the rotational axes of the planets, the spacing of planetary and lunar orbits, the asteroid belt, the source of planetary atmospheres, the size distribution of celestial bodies, the cause of retrograde orbits of selected moons, and last, but not least, the magnetic fields of the planets. This is also the logical place to look for asteroidal type bodies which are ejected into interstellar space at high velocity.

If the icy volatiles were ejected by solar radiation bombardment, then the statistics of following such a molecule, given the mean free path as a constant, would show the comet coma luminosity to fade exponentially as the distance from the nucleus. In brief, there is no apparent common ground between the two papers. Observations were made and photos were taken of an aura-like glow at the surface of the shuttle. Part I should be read with its footnotes and references to put Parts II and III (in press) into proper perspective.

On the contrary, the coma is well defined up to an edge and does not exist appreciably beyond this. It is curious to note, however, that the Astrophysical Journal published that paper but refused even to comment on the present paper which takes exception to the ice ball comet model. One of the prominent astronomical observations of 1982 related quasars to normal galaxy evolution, in which young stars were forming in a cloud at the visible surface of certain quasars (ref. NASA space scientists were asked to explain this and conjectured that it may be related to oxygen ions impinging on the surface (implying a net charge on the shuttle, although charging was never specifically mentioned). Similar to the discharge of a backyard electric bug killer which discharges when a bug enters the area between anode and cathode. The capacitor that forms with the Sun in its center and nebular ion cloud surrounding it (past the orbit of Pluto) will haw surfaces of electrical equipotential between cathode and mode. Part II further develops the new comet capture theory for the origin of the solar system (OSS) and proposes mechanisms for observed phenomena which must be accounted for in any self consistent theory.

After the Voyager I Saturn encounter, many began to realize the inability of the nebular theory to explain the data, especially the electrical phenomena and large energy output of Saturn as compared to Jupiter.

All current literature on planet formation assumes the preexistence of which detected "more energy being radiated up from the lower atmosphere than enters as sunlight", the faint glow at the surface and atmospheric lightning, not to mention the high concentration of argon-36, At this point science cannot be advanced by simply trying to modify previous theories which fall very far short of explaining these data or by refusing to look at new approaches to the problem.

Earlier papers This paper was produced during the 1979-80, 1980-81 academic years while the author was a lecturer in the Physics and Mathematics Departments of Comell University (Ithaca, N.

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