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When she said that had happened once, Farley replied that Stephanie should have “offer[ed] to show her how.”Farley confided to Stephanie that he had been “attracted to younger girls for a while.” He told her that he had twelve-year-old and ten-year-old daughters, and a fourteen-year-old son, but that he had not been “active” with them because he was afraid that his wife might find out.

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Using the internet, he made contact with the mother of a child of that age and set out to persuade her not only to let him have sex with her daughter but also to join him in sexually violating the child.He promised her he was not, and she assured him likewise. We note in passing, although it is by no means necessary to our conclusion, that a defendant who receives a thirty-year federal sentence will seldom have to serve the full thirty years in prison. Over the next four months, Farley and Stephanie had only occasional, brief chats. To reach that goal Farley engaged in a steady stream of chat room conversations, emails, and phone calls over a period of seven months with the mother, leading up to his arrival in Atlanta carrying directions to the place where he planned to rendezvous with her and her eleven-year-old daughter. online chat room called “Fetish 14,” which was devoted to the topics of incest and sexual molestation of children.Farley's actions led to his arrest, which led to his trial, which led to his conviction and sentence, which led to the government's appeal of that sentence, which led to Farley's cross-appeal of both his conviction and sentence, all of which led to this opinion. Through the chat room Farley, who lived in the Dallas area, initiated contact with “Stephanie,” whose online profile identified her as a forty-one-year-old Atlanta single mother of a ten-year-old girl.Farley suggested that Stephanie trade child pornography pictures with him, but he backed off when neither of them volunteered to be first to send an image.

He asked Stephanie what age excited her most; she answered “9-10.” Farley said, “Yeah me too ․ something about that age, still innocent, but starting to bud a little.” Farley asked Stephanie how she thought it would happen. To prepare Sydney for the experience, Farley suggested that Stephanie watch pornographic movies and let her daughter see her masturbating to them.“You have to be a sexual part of this,” he insisted.Once Stephanie accepted Farley's invitation to chat privately, he wasted no time getting down to business.Within the first three minutes, he asked her how long she had been interested in the “room topic” and whether her involvement was “active” or merely fantasy.Stephanie said that she wanted it to be “very special,” that her daughter would be “a princess for the day” and that if the right person “shows her everythi[ng] and it is done right things will be perfect.”Farley asked if they could talk on the phone, but Stephanie was reluctant to give him her number. § 3624 federal inmates routinely receive 54 additional days' credit toward the service of their sentence at the end of each year that they have served with good behavior.