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Russian-language coverage of federal and local state archives, as well as many other repositories, is currently presented on the official Rosarkhiv Russian-language "Arkhivy Rossii" portal: Presenting data about unpublished sources of all types and periods, from the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation (AP RF) to film studios and factory museums, it provides basic reference for those using traditional state and CPSU records, medieval manuscripts, and personal papers.The directory provides a starting place to locate manuscript maps, folk songs, motion pictures, genealogical data, technical documentation, and architectural drawings, to name only a few among the specialized sources covered.The International Institute of Social History (IISH/IISG) in Amsterdam is now cooperating with the State Public Historical Library (GPIB) in Moscow for further upkeep and expansion of the Archeo Biblio Base (ABB) Internet directory and bibliographic information system for archives in the Russian Federation. Sharpe, 2000), and Arkhivy Rossii: Moskva i Sankt-Peterburg: Spravochnik-obozrenie i bibliograficheskii ukazatel' (Moscow: "Arkheograficheskii tsentr," 1997).A mirror Russian-language website for ABB is being planned at GPIB. The ABB website currently displays data about nearly 400 archives and manuscript repositories of the Russian Federation (with an additional 70 administering agencies) for which coverage has recently been updated.For regional archives (Part Rus Fed) another 101 recent guides are included for archives in 15 republics, 5 krai, and 34 oblasts and autonomous regions, in addition to Moscow and Petersburg. Hot links to the database are provided for ABB bibliographic listings of all of the guides included in the project, as well as to the electronic versions of the individual guides.

It should be noted that Archeo Biblio Base has full bibliographic citations for many more guides to many more archives, and it is to be hoped that eventually more of these will be covered in the 'Guides to Russian Archives' database.Data about reference facilities include annotated listings of guides and specialized finding aids (total over 8,000 records), with links to available digitized editions.Basic listings also extend to 186 state archives throughout the Russian Federation outside of Moscow and St Petersburg, together with available guides and other reference listings.Central Catalogue of Fonds (Ts FK) The Rosarkhiv official website also provides the possibility of searching the Central Catalogue of Fonds, as of February 2016, covering over 917,000 fonds (record groups) of federal and regional archives of the Russian Federation at The database is searchable in Russian, but one must enter the name of the fond to be searched.Many component holdings have been listed or described in more detail in specialized reference publications, many of which are listed in the bibliographies for reference literature under each repository.