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Data for individual institutions and their various divisions includes their history (with all of their previous names and acronyms), and brief characterization of holdings.Notes about access provisions and working conditions in each repository augment researcher-orientation.

The directory provides a starting place to locate manuscript maps, folk songs, motion pictures, genealogical data, technical documentation, and architectural drawings, to name only a few among the specialized sources covered.

Currently coverage is only in English, but funding and staff assistance are being sought to add Russian-language data, updating the 1997 Russian directory Arkhivy Rossii.

The Internet infrastructure for ABB with its unique CMS database was developed and continues to be maintained by the International Institute of Social History (IISH), in Amsterdam.

Databases of Fonds (record groups) and (inventories/finding aids) Many Russian archives are providing full lists of their fonds (record groups) on their websites, and some even provide lists (often with annotations) for the opisi within fonds.

ABB coverage of those archives provides hot links to those databases or registers of fonds and opisi where such lists are available.

Many component holdings have been listed or described in more detail in specialized reference publications, many of which are listed in the bibliographies for reference literature under each repository.

Many more general publications predating 1999 are listed the General Bibliography section (Part A) of the published English edition of Archives in Russia (2000).

Coverage of holdings in additional independent (non-state [NGO] and private) institutions (Part F) is being considered, as funding and staff permit.

Russian-language coverage of federal and local state archives, as well as many other repositories, is currently presented on the official Rosarkhiv Russian-language "Arkhivy Rossii" portal:

We regret that staff limitation makes it impossible to answer reference inquiries.

(See more advice below) Repository entries preceded by an asterisk (*) and with a number starting with zero are archival administrative agencies rather than actual working archives.

This ABB coverage should alert researchers in all disciplines to the wealth of archival holdings of all types and historical periods.

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