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Data about reference facilities include annotated listings of guides and specialized finding aids (total over 8,000 records), with links to available digitized editions.Basic listings also extend to 186 state archives throughout the Russian Federation outside of Moscow and St Petersburg, together with available guides and other reference listings.

As ABB on-line coverage expands to a wider range of repositories, governmental and non-governmental, this directory with accompanying bibliography of reference aids significantly opens "intellectual access" for research opportunities in Russia.

The project, initiated cooperatively by the University of Kansas and East View Publications in collaboration with Rosarkhhiv, is described in English and Russian on the Rosarkhiv website, with the federal and local state archives included in the project listed at:

It should be noted that the project as of 2016 includes digital versions of 34 recent guides for 10 of the 14 Federal Archives (Part B).

Researchers are advised to compare the data provided at that Russian site, which also includes recent news about Russian archival developments and publications.

Eventually we also hope to add expanded bibliographic coverage of General Archival Reference Literature, updating Part A in the published directories, when funding and staff permit. The English edition is considerably expanded from the Russian-language edition, Arkhivy Rossii (Moscow, 1997).

Databases of Fonds (record groups) and (inventories/finding aids) Many Russian archives are providing full lists of their fonds (record groups) on their websites, and some even provide lists (often with annotations) for the opisi within fonds.

ABB coverage of those archives provides hot links to those databases or registers of fonds and opisi where such lists are available.For regional archives (Part Rus Fed) another 101 recent guides are included for archives in 15 republics, 5 krai, and 34 oblasts and autonomous regions, in addition to Moscow and Petersburg. Hot links to the database are provided for ABB bibliographic listings of all of the guides included in the project, as well as to the electronic versions of the individual guides.It should be noted that Archeo Biblio Base has full bibliographic citations for many more guides to many more archives, and it is to be hoped that eventually more of these will be covered in the 'Guides to Russian Archives' database.ABB substantive CMS data on archives and their reference bibliography is being regularly updated, with data from Rosarkhiv (Federal Archival Service of Russia) and other sources and bibliographic assistance.IISH cannot be responsible for errors or inadequacies of this coverage, but welcome comments and suggestions.Most of the archives listed in Parts B through H are described in the ABB printed directory, Archives of Russia: A Directory and Bibliography Guide to Holdings in Moscow and St Petersburg (Armonk, NY: M. However, the present internet versions of Parts B through H have been considerably updated from the printed edition, to the extent possible with expanded bibliography of reference literature.

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